DebuggAR Augmented Reality + Mobile eCAD Viewer for Debugging PCBs

Use your phone or tablet to highlight and analyze any signals, components, and layers on your PCB.

Augmented Reality for PCB Debug, Rework, and Bring-up

Using the camera on your iPhone or iPad, DebuggAR allows you to identify information on your board previously invisible to the naked eye. Hover your phone above your PCB to see all of your design’s detail and information - from signal traces to component location and pinouts. Debug, Rework, and bring-up your PCB through a single adjustable view, with your design overlaid onto your physical board through Augmented Reality.

Simply upload your native design files to get started.

*We currently support Eagle CAD and Altium.
Gerber, ODB++,KiCad and Cadence support coming soon.


Debug Faster

Don’t waste time endlessly searching through complex design files on your laptop or on paper.

X-Ray Vision

Toggle between layers to easily identify signals and traces on your board, no matter the thickness or density.

Instant Search - Parts & Pins

Instantly find any component on your board, and view pin mappings for ICs, diodes, capacitors, and more. Never put a diode on backwards again!

Signal Mapping

Inspect signal paths to debug a board and find out why voltages are drooping, LED isn’t blinking, or anything else. Highlight a signal - like the 3.3V rail or SPI_MOSI line - to understand where to probe with the DMM, cut traces, or sniff with a logic analyzer.

Join the Beta

The app is currently in beta and we are looking for beta testers to help improve the application and provide meaningful feedback. If you are interested please fill out this application.